Designer Wall Hung Basins

While in the past, the contemporary bathroom suites were not an option for the average earner, nowadays almost anyone can enjoy the breath-taking style of their bathroom, thanks to the price-accessible designer wall hung basins. If you are looking to attain an elegant and marvelous theme in your bathroom to match the rest of your home, then you cannot go wrong with the wall hung basins and toilets. Not only will they clear the space in your bathroom, they will also give a minimalistic clean look.

The designer wall hung basins' average prices

In case you are installing a wall mounted wash basin for gaining space and mobility purposes, then you should know that the basic acrylic model will cost you between $50 to $100. Rest assured that you will have all the necessary hardware in the wash basin kit, including the support brackets, screws and faucets. On the other hand, if you are trying to improve the décor of your bathroom, then you should be prepared to take between one to three hundred dollars out of your pocket for more intricate models and higher quality materials.

While this is the average price range for any decent wash basin, if you truly want to impress everyone that enters your bathroom, then you should look for the designer wall hung basins within a price range of $400 to $1000 dollars. If you do not want to install the wash basin yourself, you will also need to pay for the plumbing contractor fees ranging between one to four hundred dollars.

The latest designer wall hung basins: Trends and popular styles

After the Second World War, the society has witnessed a fast pace in trend changing. The statement also stands true for bathroom utilities, furniture and fixtures, as the need to accommodate and make the best out of the available space has grown exponentially. Here are the latest wall mounted wash basins trends for 2011:
•             Glass or China basins
•             Dual vessel basins
•             Metallic brushed drop-in basins
•             Multipurpose basins

Final considerations on the designer wall hung basins

As the styles and designs of the wash basins evolve year after year, it becomes increasingly hard to attach them to the pipes or find the right faucets to replace a malfunctioning one. One trick you can employ to avoid future problems with the faucet is to purchase and mount one separately. No doubt, some of the available wash basin models out there are quite impressive and will definitely become the focal point of your bathroom. Even though installing a separate faucet requires more work, it will be worth it in the long run.

At the same time, when installing a wash basin, especially a model that you paid over four hundred dollars for, it is advisable to take into account the people that are going to use them. If you have small children or very playful pets, then a China wash basin is not really your best option and hence, you should opt for a more resilient material.

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