Wall Hung Basins

If you are looking at wall hung basins and are sold on the idea of adding one to your bathroom. The first thing to consider is: how easy is it to install myself? The answer to that rather depends on how handy you are and how you are able to improvise. That may sound a little odd, but with the best will in the world you can guarantee that installing wall hung basins will not be "text book". Everything is usually great in theory, but when it comes down to practice – well, reality is usually very different. Now we've got over the worrying bit, let's look at the practicalities.


The first thing to consider is the area where you are placing the basin. Do you need to construct a false wall to hide the plumbing behind? To make wall hung basins looks aesthetically pleasing then in all reality you will need to do this. However, it may be that you already have a partitioned wall, and if this is the case then you will need to make sure that the fastenings for the basin connect with a solid back. This is because there is no pedestal to give the wall mounted wash basins extra support. The wall hung basins hang from two (usually) brackets and so you can see the importance of them being properly and strongly anchored. Replacing or updating an existent wash basin will be much easier than installing one for the first time.

Choosing wall basins

Choosing your wash basin may be easy and straightforward. You may know exactly what you want. In fact, you may already have bought it and it has been lying in the garage for the past 3 years waiting to be installed!

Siting your wash basin

This may seem obvious, or you may only have one place where you can but the basin, but making sure it is at the correct height is important. This is for a number of reasons such as:

  • Waste pipe smells; if the waste pipe is too short you will suffer from unpleasant smells building up in the bathroom.

  • The plumbing needs to be acceptable to carry the water safely away from the bathroom.

  • Set too high and you will not be able to reach very well.

  • Set too low and your may hurt your back bending over continually to use the sink. Clearly if it is being placed in a child's bathroom this will not be an issue, more of an advantage.

  • The average height is between 28 and 32 inches.

Once you have considered these aspects, you are just about set to begin installing your wall hung basins. There are many guides available and it is recommended that you find a step by step guide to take you through the whole process. This will not only cover what you need to do, but will also help you avoid any pitfalls as well as outline any challenges or obstacles you may meet along the way.

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