Wall Mounted Basins Faqs

Replacing your worn out lavatory with a contemporary model often translates in a seemingly endless search for the most appropriate one. While for some the most important criterion of this decision is the price, others tend to put more emphasis on the color and materials the basin is fashioned from. But let us look at the most common wall mounted basins FAQs, in order to help you reach a decision on the best.

Wall mounted basins FAQ 1: What are the best materials for wash basins?

Modern day wall mounted basins are typically fashioned from:

  • Ceramics
  • Clear or painted glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Marble
  • Wood

Ceramic is typically favored to other materials by manufacturers mostly because it is a cheap and resilient material, but it does not offer a great deal of versatility in terms of color. If you are looking to purchase a wash basin in a particular shade, your best bet is to search for models constructed from glass. However, wood can also provide this benefit, but you can expect a high quality wood-crafted basin to be a great deal more expensive. The same thing goes for marble basins, with the exception that the color range is a bit more limited. As a side note, if you are aiming to cut down the costs and save the environment at the same time, you can always purchase a wall mounted basin crafted from recycled materials.

Wall mounted basins FAQ 2: Vintage or contemporary?

Choosing between new-age and classical models of wall mounted wash basins is never easy. The key to making the correct decision lies with the rest of the fixtures in your bathroom. However, if you are doing a complete remodeling job and the wall mounted wash basin is only part of it, then make sure to opt for the model that meets the new style. To sum it up, it is better to plan the bathroom renovations to the letter in order to avoid creating unpleasant contrasts associated with installing both classical and contemporary appliances.

Wall mounted basins FAQ 3: Why do some basins splash a lot and how can you avoid that?

New models of wall mounted wash basins are quite versatile, as they enable homeowners to install the sink and the faucet separately. This translates into the ability of choosing the exact position of the faucet on the wall, regardless of where you have placed the sink. However, if you place it too high from the sink or if the sink is not deep enough, the end result will be a lot of splashing. Consequentially, it is advisable to install the faucet as close to the sink as possible without interfering with your washing. Moreover, if you have a flat or shallow sink, you should consider installing a 2.5 GPM faucet rather than a high powered 6 GPM model.

 Wall mounted basins FAQ 4: Should you shop for wash basins online or at store fronts?

When it comes to wash basins, shopping online grants you access to a much vaster array of models, materials and prices. However, this only goes for well established online fixture dealers. Moreover, it is important that you get all the facts regarding the exact sizes of the basin, in order to ensure that it will fit in your lavatory.

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