Small Wall Basins

With the increase in resistant strains and mutant bacterial infections, personal hygiene should be at an all-time high. It is incredibly important, no matter whether you are at home or at work, to ensure your hands are clean at all times. This will not only limit the chances of your falling ill, it also reduces the chance of passing on germs or infections to others too. There are many preparations on the market, including hand wash that needs no water. However, one of the easiest ways to keep your hands clean is with good old-fashioned soap and water washed in small wall basins.

Putting a small wall basin in your bedroom

If you can't afford to put a shower in your bedroom or add an en suite bathroom, why not consider small wall basins? They are simple to install and don't take up much space at all. In fact if you are good with your hands or DIY, you can do it yourself. There are many manuals available on the internet and with just a few clicks you can have the instructions to hand. Just imagine being able to wash your hands, clean your teeth or get water to drink in the middle of the night without having to paddle to the bathroom down the hall.

You've got style!

Now you've come around to the idea of having one of the small wall basins put into your bedroom, it is time to choose the style. There are so many to choose from including:

  • Compact
  • Round or square shaped
  • Single tap or dual tap
  • Colored

In fact, you can find just as many small wall basins as you can from the ordinary sized ones! The choice is yours. Most people will choose something that gives the maximum benefit and takes up the least room. You may consider that you would like small wall basins with just a cold water tap, or perhaps you want the option of both hot and cold running water. Both are available in a variety of sizes. Overflows are not overlooked either so you can be sure that once the sink is correctly connected; there is no chance of water flooding into the bedroom.

Keeping your small wall basins clean

Once installed, keeping your small wall basins clean is a doddle. Simply wipe the surface regularly. Unless you wash oily motor parts in there, it should be straightforward to clean. Many new small wall basins come with a lifetime warranty and are not easy to damage, being corrosion proof. They are also protected against water damage and staining. So, knowing your new chic wall basin will last a lifetime (practically), it's time to get started.

A little research on the internet will reveal many manufacturers and companies offering small wall basins at a range of prices right across the board, from $80 up to as high as you want to go for that designer look. Once your brand new basin has been installed, you may decide to decorate the room around it. If you do – make sure you include a splash back.

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